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Ensemble Diderot

Sonatas for three violin

Placing curiosity at the heart of its musical approach, the Ensemble Diderot claims the heritage of the philosopher of the same name: open-mindedness, thirst for discovery and humility in the face of knowledge.  Created in 2008 around the violinist Johannes Pramsohler, the ensemble is recognized for its innovative approach to the trio sonata as well as for its vocation to rediscover and interpret on period instruments the repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries and to reveal the links woven between performers, composers, courts and schools of a baroque musical Europe without borders. The Ensemble Diderot’s thirst for discovery of little-known repertoire and the joy of sharing celebrated music offer the enlightened musicians of the Ensemble Diderot a field for experimentation that leaves as much room for rigor as for fantasy.

Giovanni Gabrieli (c.1555 – 1612)   
Sonata XXI con 3 violini

Giovanni Battista Fontana (1571 – 1630)
Sonata 16 (1641)

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (1620 – 1680) 
Sonata a 3 violini (1677)

Fux, Johann Fux (c.1660 – 1741)
Sonata for 3 violins without bass

Henry Purcell (1658/9 – 1695)
Three parts upon a ground

Biagio Marini (1594 – 1663)
Sonata in Eco

Giovanni Battista Buonamente (1595 – 1642)
Sonata Seconda

Hacquart, Carolus (c.1640 – a.1686)
Sonata decima (Harmonia Parnassia) 1686

Torelli, Giuseppe Torelli (1658 – 1709)
Sonata a 3 violini

Antoine Dornel (1685 – 1765)
Sonate en quatuor

Johannes Pramsohler, violin / artistic director
Roldán Bernabé, violin
Simone Pirri, violin
Gulrim Choï, cello
Philippe Grisvard, harpsichord 

concert info

  • November 25, 2023 19:30
  • Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel
  • orchestra
  • from 20$ to 65$
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